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The Dad Horse Experience: At The Limbo CD

The Dad Horse Experience: At The Limbo CD

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Here we publish an album with all time Dad Horse classics, performed and recorded vessel carrier style with his brand new big band orchestra AT THE LIMBO. Beside Dad Horse Ottn singing and plucking banjo as usual, you'll hear Olaf "Sweetheart" Liebert on the bass guitar, Michael "The Duke" Jungblut on the electrified guitar, Signora Ayumi Valentina "Crownjewel" Tovazzi on the violin, Mr. Matze "Soloinstrumentalist des Jahres 2017" Schinkopf on a puzzling variety of wind instruments and Hanno "Handsome" Janssen stoically playing the drums.

THE LIMBO, the zone between damnation and redemption, between lockdown and group orgy, the zone as well between Dad Horse' solo pathes and the new manifestation as a band leader with new vinyl releases in GERMAN LANGUAGE next summer, this zone is where it all take place musically in this very moment and here is your opportunity to JOIN THE PARTY. Enjoy.


1 - Down the Mississippi - At the Limbo (3:31)

2 - Love is a Meatgrinder - At the Limbo (3:08)

3 - The Party - At the Limbo (4:26)

4 - Find My Body Down - At the Limbo (4:24)

5 - Schwarz Grün Weiß - At the Limbo (4:19)

6 - Dried Out River - At the Limbo (2:46)

7- Stranger Here Below - At the Limbo (4:23)

8 - Dead Dog on a Highway - At the Limbo (3:55)

9 - WTC in Heaven - At the Limbo (4:16)

10 - Ganz war ich nie - At the Limbo (3:04)

11 - Huggy Bear Motel - At the Limbo (4:23)

12 - Reach Out Your Hand - At the Limbo (6:17)

13 - Will I Be Someone - At the Limbo (6:03)

14 - I'm Falling - At the Limbo (5:51)

Gesamtspielzeit: 60:46

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