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Sundogsarah: The Best of Sundogsarah 2012-2022

Sundogsarah: The Best of Sundogsarah 2012-2022

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Artist: Sundogsarah

Album: The Best of Sundogsarah 2012-2022

Label: Beet Fat Records

Year: 2022


  1. Luxury Motel
  2. Nylons
  3. Polite Polyamory
  4. Like a Secret
  5. Come Over
  6. Bodies of Land
  7. With Me
  8. Tired of Being the Good One
  9. SOPHIE, Still Ascending
  10. Independence
  11. No One Can Break Me Like U Do (w/ Dani House)
  12. Soulful Outro

 Released: December 2, 2022

All tracks written and performed by Sarah Smith, except Track 11 performed with Dani House (originally released under Dani + Sarah).

"The Best Of consists of 12 songs culled from various singles and EPs Sarah Smith has released via her Bandcamp and SoundCloud pages, starting with “Luxury Motel” in 2012 and spanning a decade of lo-fi vibes, folksy tunes, and stacked harmonies that feel both lived-in and emotionally engaging.

Smith seems to pull inspiration and influence from all directions. There are touches of St. Vincent, Sparklehorse, and even early Liz Phair, but nothing on this collection screams out any of those specifically. I can also hear the spirit of Sufjan Stevens and even The Walkmen in these songs (but that’s just me). More so, I can hear the spirit of exploration of those artists come through in these tracks. Lo-fi electronics, guitar, and a sort of bedroom pop aesthetic that comes through on tracks like “nylons” and “like a secret,” with grainy beats and electric piano that accompany Smith’s sublime, dreamy vocals. Early ’90s college rock intermingles with 2000s indie.

~J Hubner, Whatzup


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