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Poopdeflex: Shut Your Mouth Round Me CD

Poopdeflex: Shut Your Mouth Round Me CD

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"As a one-man band, Snyder is able to throw his whole body into creating a version of juke-joint country blues that is raw, rackety, self-taught and peppered with the unvarnished punk vocals of a clear-eyed cynic." ~Emma Downs, The Journal Gazette 

1. God Love Devil Boogie

2. Bring the Rain

3. Poor Little Baby Blue

4. Heaven Sent

5. I Swear

6. Ball Breaker Blues

7. To The River

8. I Hate You So...

9. Howlin

10. South River Pisser

11. Wanna Go Home

12. I Hate Emo

13. FuFu Killa

14. Only God Knows

15. Michelle

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