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Nick Allison & The Players Lounge: Make Room Vinyl

Nick Allison & The Players Lounge: Make Room Vinyl

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Nick Allison & The Players Lounge: Make Room

Year: 2020

Side A

  1. A Bird Names Georgiana
  2. Move Along
  3. Forty Dollar Debt
  4. Thread 
  5. Best To Leave

Side B

  1. Make Room
  2. Even Start
  3. (Reprise)
  4. Give Back The Key To My Heart*
  5. Lay Down Nyla

Nick Allison - Guitar, Lead Vocals

Nick Fong - Bass, Vocals

Felipe Granados - Drums

Joe Gornetti - Keys, Accordion

Greg Enlow - Guitar

All Songs Written By Nick Allison Except* Written By Doug Sahm


Recorded on two separate Tascam 388s by Andrew McCalla At Bunker Sound (Memphis,TN) and Sweetheart Studios (Austin,TX)

Assistant engineer at Sweetheart Studios: Jimmy Wildcat

Mastered by: Wesley Wolfe

Artwork : Nathan Sakulich

“Completely under the radar guy / band unless you live in Austin and/or go to Chili Dog Fest every year after SXSW. Great solid Texas take on the type of Country / R&B boogie that Reigning Sound does... but different, you know? With more than a touch of Doug Sahm groovy Texas goodness. Highly recommended, and if you're ever in the same room with 'em making music, LOOK OUT!

Featuring the late great Greg Enlow...” - Goner Records

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