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Chain Smoking Records

Nervous Burger: Pain Thrillers Vinyl

Nervous Burger: Pain Thrillers Vinyl

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Nervous Burger: Pain Thrillers LP

Label: ADHFR Distribution by Chain Smoking Records 

Year: 2017

This album is funny, it’s insightful and it rocks. Our favorite tracks on it are “Nuclear Breeze”, “Corn Dog Factory in Outer Space”, and “Tomatoes Run Free” (the best song about tacos we’ve ever heard). The whole album rules. Give it a listen, we think you will agree.

Side A

  1. Nuclear Breeze
  2. Corn Dog Factory (In Outer Space)
  3. Ghosts (The Don’t Give a Damn)
  4. Laundry Queen
  5. Tomatoes Run Free

Side B

  1. Johnny from Markland and Washington 
  2. People
  3. Billy’s Crystal
  4. The Same
  5. Change

All songs written by Mike Wilson

All songs arranged by Nervous Burger

Tracking, Engineering, Production Gregg Manfredi 

Mixed and Mastered By Jeremy Mang at Whisper Studios 

Mike Wilson Guitar / Vocals

Wade Dietzen Guitar / Vocals

Gregg Manfredi Bass guitar / Vocals / Farfisa Organ / Synth

Luke Cross Drums 

Additional instrumentation and production provided by Cj Sutton and Gregg Manfredi on “Nuclear Breeze”

Honorable mentions: lots of Tequila and many pets on Zowie the cat 

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