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Label: Beet Fat Records


  1. The Bar
  2. Looks Okay
  3. Gone Forever
  4. Phone Call
  5. Market
  6. Towel-Tosser
  7. Compete Excess Achieved
  8. Onion Patch

Released: February 14, 2023

All performances, recording, mixing, and artwork by Kilmer.


The first solo outing from Indianapolis' already prolific native Kilmer, who you might recognize from his low-end mastery in groups like Pat & The Pissers, D.R.L.N., and The Sick Boy Method, or perhaps his many fantastic and often darkly-hilarious comics and artworks for bands and shows. Considering this stunning track-record, I had high expectations for this album, which were blown completely out of the water. While at moments you may find yourself subconsciously reaching for the nearest Tascam 4-track or carton of eggs, KILLER manages to subvert all expectations and create a brand of Midwest-weirdo-punk that is uniquely his own. From frantic and primitive left-of-center hardcore, to mid-tempo punk rock stompers, to hook-laden bedroom rock perfection (think mid-90s GBV), KILLER covers a ton of ground without ever sounding like a half-baked smorgasbord of ideas (think mid-90s GBV). Where many contemporaries attempt to sound as tight and robotic as possible, there is an undeniable sense of humanness and GROOVE on this album. In the strange dystopia of modern Midwest punk we've created, this is a fantastic breath of fresh air. All packed into <10 minutes, KILLER is an extremely tight and well-crafted set of tracks that represent a new era of Midwest punk, paying homage to its ancestors but not bound by the cliches they've spawned. It is an album for the current "now", and right now, it is a special time for music in Indiana. -KB

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