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Harley Poe B-Sides & Rarities Double LP

Harley Poe B-Sides & Rarities Double LP

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Harley Poe B- Sides

Artist: Harley Poe

Album: B Sides & Beyond!

Label: Ghost Echo Records

Year: 2020

Members: Joe Whiteford, Christian Riquelme, Gregg Manfreddi, Wes Plategna

IMPERFECTS - A few imperfect copies available at a lesser cost to you! These may have very minor jacket issues such as a bent corner, etc. These are all brand new condition in shrink wrap. 

Side A :

  1. Herschel
  2. Lewis, A fairytale Fable
  3. Witchboard
  4. Skin N Bones vs Terror Trippin'

Side B :

  1. What's A Devil To Do
  2. Wurms
  3. I Am The Living dead
  4. OWAFNB Reprise

Side C :

  1. Scream Acres
  2. Man Of God
  3. New Born
  4. Late Nite Creature Feature
  5. Pow Whaa

Side D :

  1. Science Fiction/Double Feature
  2. Sadie Grace
  3. Phantom In Your Mind
  4. Country Corpse

Ghost Echo Records is proud to present the very first vinyl release! The remastered version of Harley Poe's B-Sides from the Basement, a collection of alternate versions of some of the classics along with some unreleased tracks that were released on cassette only in 2012. This version also now comes with a vocal version of I am the living dead instead of the instrumental. The second record contains rarities and some real gems never before heard. All songs were recorded, mixed, and mastered at the Cosmic Cave basement studio from 2010-2012. Dug back up and remastered again in 2020 by Sir Lord Comet for this special vinyl release!

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