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Bullet Points: Paso Doble LP

Bullet Points: Paso Doble LP

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Bullet Points: Paso Doble LP

Limited Edition, pressed on white vinyl

released October 30, 2020

Recorded and mastered by Mike Bridavsky at Russian Recording. Mixed by Mike Bridavsky and Bullet Points. Music and lyrics by P. David Hazel, performed by Bullet Points. Album design by Birch Miller, vinyl pressed by Palomino Records, and jackets printed by Dorado Music Packaging.

P. David Hazel // vocals, guitar, programming
Matt Beaumont // drums
David Barajas // bass
TJ Briggs // guitar

“Despite the familiarity of some of the vocals and personalities in the band, there is still something refreshing and somewhat mysterious in every track on their newly released full length, Paso Doble. Pulling back the curtain on the spooky Twin Peaks aesthetic of the album reveals Bullet Points as a fine-tuned hit machine hitting on all cylinders. Drawing on decades of experience in a variety of acts they have come back together to deliver a fully realized vision of dream pop. Paso Doble is equal parts Nine Inch Nails and My Bloody Valentine but maybe with more T Rex and Bowie than you’d guess at first glance.” – Jim Rawlinson (

"Bullet Points adds a refreshing clarity to the alt rock space. Just when you get comfortable, a haunting synth will join the song, or the vocalist will suddenly be a trippy echo machine, or you'll get lost in a reverb-ed out guitar lick. Bullet Points makes sharp, impressive music, and they know exactly what they're doing with their sound. This is a band that belongs on the soundtrack to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World..."

In 2016, after releasing their first EP, the quartet spent two years playing throughout the Midwest, including live in-studio performances at DZ Records in Chicago, Indy Star Sessions, and on the series "Small Studio Sessions" (NPR/WFYI). In May of 2019, Bullet Points packed up for a week and headed to Russian Recording where they began work on their first full-length album, "Paso Doble". In 2020, the band released two self-made music videos and were awarded a “Punk Rock Night music award” for their video "Just Like You". On October 30th 2020 the band’s first full length album, “Paso Doble”, was released worldwide along with a limited white vinyl release. Trudging through the uncertainties of live music, Bullet Points played a handful of shows in 2021, including radio play on the WTTS-FM show “The Beat with David Lindquist” and a live performance on “All Indiana” (WISH-TV/CBS).

|| 2020 MOKB Presents Battle of the Bands finalist

|| The band’s members have been a part of several other notable bands, including the Lemonheads, Extra Blue Kind, State, Beta Male and Coolidge.


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