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Sweet Talk: Pick Up Lines

Sweet Talk: Pick Up Lines

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Artist: Sweet Talk

Album: Pick Up Lines

Label: 12XU 

Year: 2012

  1. Put You Right Back
  2. Find You
  3. Danger
  4. Same Place
  5. No Vacancies
  6. Stop In The Line
  7. Talk
  8. Pickup Lines
  9. Who Are You?
  10. Live To Die
  11. Last Dance


Stephen Svacina

Mark Ryan

Harpal Assi

Mitch Frazier

Sweet Talk are an Austin based quartet fronted/founded by former Uptown Bums guitarist/vocalist Stephen Svacina, who a few of you might know from his additional guitar work alongside Mark Ryan in Denton, TX’s Mind Spiders. Flanked by Wiccans/Video/Brain Attack bassist Harpal Assi and southpaw guitar wiz/Ft. Wayne transplant Mitch Frazier (Church Shoes), Svacina’s Sweet Talk were likened by a peer to something that “combined the best parts of Cheap Trick, early UK power pop and the dual guitar work of Thin Lizzy.”

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