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M.O.T.O. The Wall Of Phlegm LP

M.O.T.O. The Wall Of Phlegm LP

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M.O.T.O. The Wall Of Phlegm LP

Released August 1, 2023 by Nuthin’ Records in New Orleans

4-track home recordings, all-Paul, circa late '97-early '98. Mastermixxed by Paul Caporino and Drew Owen; and remastered by Garret Hammond.

M.O.T.O. has existed in some form for over 43 years. Over that time, the band has undergone numerous lineup changes, but it has always functioned primarily as a platform for Paul Caporino's songwriting, a repertoire that includes hundreds of songs in a variety of genres such as pop, punk rock, garage rock, noise, soul, new wave and more.



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