• Bio

    Nervous Burger started as a writing project for Indiana based musician Mike Wilson. He challenged himself to write 30 songs in 30 days, just to see if he could stick to it. After this experiment was over, he felt that ten of the songs were too good to sit alone on his hard drive and asked several friends / musicians if they would be interested in helping develop his 4 track demos into full fledged songs. The result of this effort led to their debut LP “Pain Thrillers.”

    Mike runs a record shop in Kokomo, Indiana and although it was financial suicide; decided to press 300 copies of the record for a band that had yet to perform even one show. Half of the costs ultimately were covered by a successful crowd sourcing campaign, and the band went on to play live for the following year.

    Upon joining Harley Poe, running his shop, and playing in two other touring bands, Nervous Burger has been put on the “back burner” (see what I did there?) but is slated to return for a new release on Chain Smoking Records sometime in 2024