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    “Once I realized I wanted to write a different type of "love" or "breakup" Album, it was actually pretty easy to get this album going...I know it might be overshadowed by lyrics of blood and murder but at its core "Ghost" is still about what I’d do for her, what she meant to me and the hurt that was caused by it all"

  • Press

    Hailing originally from Southern California and now residing in Jacksonville, FL, Danny Attack is an emerging singer songwriter who captures the sensibility of Americana roots and blends it with a D.I.Y. Punk Rock mentality. Danny Attack writes from personal experience and the bittersweet emotions that come along with them. There’s a romantic darkness to his voice and lyrics that hooks into the listener and leaves them feeling an almost visceral and cathartic connection to his stories of heartbreak, longing, and loneliness.

    - New Noise Magazine

Danny Attack - The Revenant Hearts (feat. Sammie Beare)