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Creepy Neighbors: 3426 Polyester Lane CD

Creepy Neighbors: 3426 Polyester Lane CD

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Artist: Creepy Neighbors

Album: 3426 Polyester Lane

Label: Amish Mafia Music

Year: 2017


  1. You’re Asleep
  2. In Space (ft. Somber1)
  3. No Secrets (Nothing to Hide)
  4. Creepy Banquet
  5. In the Streets (ft. Somber1)
  6. Land of 1000 House Husbands
  7. As Seen on TV
  8. Cat Raps
  9. Creepy Preachers (ft. Full Metal Midget)
  10. Taxidermists
  11. To Catch a Predator
  12. Up in Yo Shit (ft. Somber1)


Released: Jan 30, 2017

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