• Bio

    M.O.T.O. has existed in some form for over 43 years. Over that time, the band has undergone numerous lineup changes, but it has always functioned primarily as a platform for Paul Caporino's songwriting, a repertoire that includes hundreds of songs in a variety of genres such as pop, punk rock, metal, soul, noise music, garage rock, and new wave.

    Active since 1981.

  • Discography

    Split, 2016
    Chinese Rocks (Or A Fistful Of Maobacks) [Recorded In Shanghai], 2014
    Pack Your Troubles In Dreams, 2013
    Golden Quarter Hour Of M.O.T.O., 2013
    Shitty Kids, 2013
    No Way Street, 2012
    No Sleep 'Til Turku, 2012
    Kissing All The Wrong Asses, 2010
    Frantic Romantics / M.O.T.O., 2009
    Battle Of The Band - Greatest Hits 1988-2005, 2008
    No Way Street, 2008
    Climb Up The Eiffel Tower, 2007
    Blast Of Silence, 2007
    Some Thing, 2007
    El Stop, 2006
    What's Words Worth?, 2006
    Raw Power, 2005
    World Of Fuzz, 2004
    Spiral Slouch, 2003
    Kill Moto, 2002
    Eternal Standby, 1998
    M.O.T.O. / Ham Steak, 1997
    4 Pac, 1996
    Single File, 1996
    Jacuzzi For The Dead, 1994
    Street Where Love Lives, 1994
    Wee Beasties EP, 1993
    Midnight At The Guantanamo Room, 1993
    Magic Words, 1992
    Places We Used To Go, 1992
    Thinking Of You ..., 1990
    She's Not Ready, 1990
    This Corpse Is A Warning, 1990
    I've Shot My Load ... And I'm Ready For The Grave, 1989
    Hammeroid, 1988